February 27, 2015

Craft Your Beach Body: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

2015 is underway as are creating healthy habits. Tomorrow marks the final day of the Insanity Max: 30 fitness program which I began early January. This program was balls-to-the-wall intense. A lot of jumping, lunches and push-ups. None of which are my favorites. But I'm good for 30 minutes and that's it. No laborious workouts, endless hours at the gym. That's not my thing.  But, a commitment was made. Program was completed.

The results from the last workout compares Day 01 to Day 60. (Before and after pictures are part of these results, which won't be posted. (I'm shy) I have no idea my body measurements and no idea the number on the scale. They're irrelevant. My goals were to be fit with better eating habits. Done and done.

What's been most rewarding is finding a healthy eating balance which was enabled by the use of 21 Day Fix portion control containers.

It's NOT a diet, there are no counting calories, which is too obsessive compulsive to maintain as a lifestyle, if you ask me.

Each container allows you to be mindful about what you shove into your mouth, focusing on healthy eating choices; veggies, fruits, proteins with allotment for carbs, healthy fats,etc. AND it doesn't take any genius to figure it all out.

The next exercise program (beginning Sunday 3/1/15) is 21 Day Fit Extreme  which switches gears a bit incorporating yoga, weights, Pilates. I'm ready for the next challenge!