March 3, 2013

Craft Your DIY Craft: Concert-T pillows


If you're into music, it's likely then you have a drawer filled with concert t-shirts. For me, some are  ill-fitting,  torn in the wrong places, itchy and uncomfortable. Not withstanding, not items you would throw out.

Since the t-shirt misfits have no purpose other than taking up space, I made a DIY Craft, turning concert T's into pillows.

There are a quite a few t-shirt DIY projects on the market. Frame 'em and hang in a spare room. For that, you need wall space. Make a quilt. For that you need time, energy and patience.

I have none of that so I chose to make pillows, which  are easy projects  (cut t-shirt into matching squares, sew, fill with stuffing!)and a nice way to display personal mementos. Add a pocket to safe keep the ticket stub. Kind of a cool gift, if you ask me.