February 7, 2013

Craft Your Craft Turns 1!

It was one year ago today I launched my first Craft Your Craft blog post!

The idea of creating a blog started just like most things I've done in my later life. Tremendous amount of over-thinking and procrastination.  I couldn't decide on content, what blog platform to use, how often I would write. I didn't even feel I had anything to write about. I kept tabs on some of the bigger blogs that interested me but had little understanding how they worked (I still have no idea how most blogs work).

It seemed I should know everything about blogging before I began. This is what I mean by procrastination.  I read books, articles, watched You-tube videos etc all in effort to make sure I "do it right" As if there is a right way to blog. However, if this blog was going public, I didn't want to embarrass myself. It better be right.

What I didn't realize is that once CYC (Craft Your Craft) was launched nothing would actually happen. There were no controversial comments or insulting feedback. No one re-posted with snide comments. There was no criticism or bullying. (This was all a relief).

The opposite didn't happen either. I wasn't asked to guest blog or take part in some bigger blog community. I wasn't ambushed by comments and feedback . No one plucked me out of obscurity and decided I should take my blog to the next level- which is to write a book of course.

One year later I have 3 official followers and have received 9 comments. (All of them positive, I might add) ha!

But what I lack in following, I make up for in sheer learn-as-you go technical skills. It's been quite a year and I'm super excited for what lies ahead!

Happy Birthday Craft Your Craft!