November 7, 2012

Craft Your Happiness: Finding a happy place during the storm

For my birthday last year I received a bicycle. It was on my birthday list (you're never too old to have one) I was very specific about which one I wanted. (It's possible I might have sent a link on where to purchase- but I can't be certain) No sense asking for something you know you want only to be disappointed in getting some other version.

I asked for a pink, cruiser, bicycle otherwise I might have ended up with a very practical, sturdy, mountain bike.

My  bike lives at our summer cottage and I miss her. (It's a girl. She's pink) I miss Saturday morning bike rides, cruising on a gorgeous trail that weaves in and out of nature. There's a wonderful bridge  with a fantastic view which feels like a bit of a reward after a long journey.

 I ride with my new cottage neighbor friend Karen. She's a great travel companion who listens to my stories and offers great feedback when something is troubling me.

Why am I thinking about my bike today? Because it's cold, gloomy and just started to snow. The East Coast is facing  another threat of treacherous weather. This one is a Noreaster. It troubles me so many people remain without shelter, food, warmth and a sense of well being. I wish I had space to house people until they're back on their feet.

When I feel hopeless and overwhelmed it brings comfort to think about things which make me feel better. When people feel better they act better and if more people acted better think of the kind of world we would live!

Shifting negative energy is really important. If negative energy remains in place for too long, the universe will align itself and bring more negative. It might sound like crystals and tarot cards but I've seen it in action.

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