November 10, 2012

Craft Your Adventure: Haiti

 Tomorrow  9am EST I'll be on my flight to Haiti. I have so much apprehension and not sure why. I'm not sure if I've packed everything I need and don't have the comfort of buying what I might have forgotten in Haiti. I've gotten my vaccinations but am uncertain if I've taken them at the right time and far enough in advance.

A few little things I wanted to finish up before I left are incomplete and in an unorganized pile.  Not to mention leaving the comforts of home, my honey and two kitties who seem to be giving me the cold shoulder at this moment.

There's nothing left to do. The clock is ticking and sooner than I know it I'll be heading to the airport.
If I were better prepared I would've written a few blog posts and scheduled them to post to keep the blogging  momentum going. But that idea remains an unfinished project on top of the unorganized pile.

It's possible I might be pleasantly surprised and this trip becomes an adventure of a lifetime. (Doubt it. Sorry I'm not feeling the shift in energy just yet)

Wish me luck. I'll report back when I return.
Bon Wa