October 11, 2012

About Jodi

Jodi Lewis
social worker, crafter, humanitarian, list-maker
Some days the goal is just getting out of bed and going to work.  The only focus is on the simple tasks of daily living.

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker living in New York City with my boyfriend of 8 years and our two kitties (Lil Dude and Freckle). I have enough professional (and personal) experience to know people struggle with lots of similar issues; loneliness, boredom, frustration, wanting more but knowing how to get it.

Craft Your Craft: life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself is a  blog designed to share steps on how to make life a little brighter. Sometimes all that's needed is inspiration. Inspiration can come in  many ways; a new recipe for a fun cocktail,  a DIY Craft idea, a can-do exercise to keep healthy, or simply finding support in knowing someone else also has bad days and learning ways to cope and move on.

Craft Your Craft has a little bit of everything for those looking to create themselves..

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