August 29, 2012

Craft Your Style: Online Window Shopping

Luckily online window shopping is not nearly as dangerous as in real life. I recently found the website Polyvore. (I am really late to this party, for sure) For some reason the concept of Polyvore reminds me of playing with paper dolls even though there is no paper or dolls involved. This site allows you to browse through clothes, shoes, accessories and build a fantasy wardrobe with the option to buy, of course.  

Here's a few things I'm digging right now: (some of these items are no longer for sale, but this look is pretty simple, it's not necessary to have the exact same thing.)


1. White tee:
2.  Cardigan cahsmere sweater: $520:
4. Kate Spade handbag Walker Park Large Tate
5. Bracelet watch:
6. Earrings: Rock Steady Earrings