November 17, 2013

Craft Your Adventure: Italy

Blogging 30 days in a row clearly ended in a bust, got to day 22. Not for lack of blogging content (discussing Pearl Jam is easy) but because I haven't found routine in my life since Freckle died, having started a new job, traveling on the weekends and not being able to focus.

Last night we returned form our family trip to Italy. Jetleg is getting the best of me, not to mention catching a a cold on the return flight. The majority of the day has been on and off napping, which is a jetlag no-no.

Italy is a place that feels like a visit to grandma's house on Thanksgiving. A big ole' home, filled with with rich, dark heavy antiques, the smell of delicious food wafting in the air, tons of cousins all over the place, and grandma saying, "EAT!"

In the moment it feels overwhelming but re-digesting the memories brings a real sense of happiness. That was my experience of Italy.
Here's a couple of pics of good sights and great food.

boats. not a bad way to travel. beats the subway.

wine? yes please.

proof. it leans.
                                                                       biggest calzone. ever.