October 15, 2013


Taking a break from my 30 days of Pearl Jam to share some sad news.

 Last week we experienced a terrible loss. Our cat, Freckle, had to be put down. We took him to the Animal Medical Center, Sunday 10/08, where he was diagnosed with Kidney stones. They operated the next day, achieving success. However, from there, he experienced an array of complications; congestive heart failure, swelling, infection and loss of appetite- requiring a feeding tube. Thursday 10/10 he took a turn for the worst, unable to breathe on his own, requiring intubation. We rushed to the hospital, fearing, yet knowing, his fate.

It's with a heavy heart we said goodbye but  take comfort  knowing he received the best care by the best doctors; Dr. Tong and Dr. Cahn.

We laid him to rest  Saturday 10/12, in my parents back yard.

Freckle was a fantastic pet. Loving, sweet, friendly and full of life. He will be severely missed.