October 19, 2013

Craft Your Pearl Jam: Day Thirteen

Rushed out of work to meet my honey at home, change into some PJ gear and got on the 4 train which moved at a snails pace due to construction to make in to Brooklyn for our next Pearl Jam show.

We met up with Aunt Norma and Uncle Marty at Mark's cousins place in Park Slope to woof down some sushi and a few vodka drinks for a little pre-game prepping.

There was some ridiculous twitter rumor the show was going to start at 7:30pm so we got into the arena especially early. They didn't take the stage until at least 8:30pm.

This allowed time to discuss what songs we hoped the'dy play (me: Animal. Norma: Release. Mark: Long Road. The winner that night was Norma.)

The show was good, but I have to say,  the crowd was really disappointing. Video taping, endless photo-taking, posting on Facebook, tweeting all during the concert. Not to mention talking that goes on and on.

People seemed way more interested in telling others what a great time they're having that they actually miss the great time they're having.

My question to them is, and I quote a favorite PJ song, WHY GO?