October 20, 2013

Craft Your Pearl Jam: Day Fourteen

Barclay Center Part 2.
Tonight there was less time rushing around and more time pre-gaming which  is how I like to prepare for PJ shows. This evening began at Habana Outpost. A few margarita's with tequlia toppers and food served on paper plates.

We were joined by Mark's family (Aunt/Uncle/Cousin/Cousinssignificantother) and Marks' brother and niece, Jess, first time Pearl Jam concert go'er. A rocker and her own talent

Musically, I enjoyed the show last night better than the night before. That's just personal preference.

Our seats were behind the stage, with a little obstructed view.  This was a new experience for us but allowed me to see things I hadn't seen before. Ed Vedder vigorously dries his hair with a towel between sets, some of Pearl Jams's kids were there, standing off to the side, watching their dads in action. Brings a whole new meaning to bring your kids to work day, right? During Mike McCready's final solo, the guys celebrated with high fives and cold beers. (Ed, of course, still drinking his wine)