October 22, 2013

Craft Your Pearl Jam: Day Sixteen

In the mail arrived a wonderful gift sent from the Animal Medical Center.
A lock of Freckles fur, a clay paw print and a touching sympathy card signed by all the people who helped Freckle during his stay in the hospital.

Freckle was a special ball of fur. We nicknamed him Freck-Dog because he had so many dog-like qualities; rolling over on command, come when called (an obvious anti-cat quality), loved all kinds of food and was a total lap kitty.

These little treasures from AMC, made us feel better. During his final days he was loved and cared for  which is all we wanted to ensure.

Pearl Jam's song Sirens happened to be on the radio almost every time we made our daily trips to visit him in the hospital.  It's turned into one of my favorites.