October 6, 2013

Craft Your Pearl Jam: Day One

Last year the October challenge; select a topic then blog about it everyday was all about various things that made me happy. Simple in concept but not an easy task.

We're 6 days into this month and I'd forgotten all about creating a new challenge. Honestly. I've been scattered, distracted, uninspired and a little bit lazy. Blogging has started to feel like lingering homework. It's always on my mind and distracts me from staying present.

So getting back on the wagon I dedicate the month of October to my favorite music. 
Pearl Jam!!
Their 2013 tour kicks off October 11 in Pittsburgh. Me and my honey will see them a few times, first up Buffalo NY Oct 12.

Their new album, Lightning Bolt, goes on sale October 15th. They've released two songs; Mind Your Manners and Sirens. Both are really really fantastic.

For a band once considered hard-core grunge they've matured and so has their music. Can't wait for Saturday, feels like waiting for Santa!