July 3, 2013

Craft Your Happiness:The Google Effect

Office morale is crappy. Therefore it's time for Operation Google Effect. It's my idea of what it might be like to work at Google.  A thriving, happy, fun, good energy kinda place with perks.  Happy people, make happy employees. Happy employees make happy co-workers which is very important to me. 

Therefore, I wheeled this cart filled with all sorts of goodies (iced coffee, cupcakes, fireballs and homemade Rolo sandwiches), to each persons cubicle and office. It was also a nice way to celebrate 4th of July.

 Schlepping all this (minus the cart) on the subway was no insignificant feat. But, it shifted my energy, and made me feel good doing for others. Plus, it didn't take much to make them smile and have a little gratitude. 

We have two more months left at this job. It's crucial to have little pick me ups along the way.  

Wonder if Google needs a social worker?