July 19, 2013

Craft Your Friday Groove: Focus On What's Important

This quote is turning into one of my favorites.


Recently I've been going through a big life change. Losing a job I really love and enjoy.  Many times I've said, in a moment of feeling sorry for myself, "I will NEVER find another job I love ever again. This was it. This job was a diamond in the rough and now it's gone. Poof. Just like that".

If you believe in Law of Attraction, The Secret, or Power of Your Subconscious concepts, then you know this line of thinking is in direct contrast to actually pulling good things toward you. You attract what you think about. One way to make yourself think happier thoughts is to have gratitude. It's really hard to be negative if you're saying thank you.

Today, Friday Groove is all about being focused on what's important. That's having gratitude.

I'm grateful for
having had a job I love. Not everyone can say that.
having time to look for another job without being unemployed.
having a severance package which will come in handy in more ways than one.
having a support guy in my life who makes this process bearable.
still being able to look forward to Fridays.