June 15, 2013

Craft Your Happiness: The secret to a lasting marriage

Marriage isn't something I spent much time thinking about, let alone talking about. Today, however, it was all my family thought and talked about as my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

My parents will be the first to agree that marriage isn't easy. They aren't sure what the secret to making it last is other than, "working different shifts", which is what my dad said while renewing their vows this weekend.

According to my dad, they visited the idea of divorce at different low-points in their relationship but for "whatever reason" decided to continue and make it work. Mind you my parents struggles weren't with abuse, addictions, affairs, etc. Those might have been deal breakers.

They didn't go to couples counseling, or seek professional help, they just decided this is "what people do" and made the effort to work it out. Bad times got better, good times more frequent, poorer got richer. 

My relationship, of 8 years, is the best one I've been in and the longest. The key to our relationship success is really, really simple. Maintaining Independence. 

Keeping separate personal interests/hobbies, individual professional lives (which means being able to generate your own cash flow), even separate bank accounts are proven strengths in making us a richer couple. 

Equally important is; common interests and hobbies we enjoy together, our financial commitments to each other; joint bank accounts, summer home, and dental plan. We take equal responsibility in caring for our two pets, our furry beneficiaries.ha. We also share a strong love for family.

Every relationship is different but when in the heat of an argument, in the words of Kenny Rogers, "Know when to fold 'em"!