June 8, 2013

Craft Your Happiness: Big Birthday!

Today is my mom's birthday. It's a big one. Out of respect I won't publish her age, even though she isn't the kind of person who hides her age.

In honor of my mother, I'd like to share a few things I love about her.

1. She loves a good "hang". No one enjoys a get-together with some food and drinks more than my mom. When she's in with people, just relaxing with some appetizers, munchies and all the cocktails, I know she's happy and in her element.

2. She's a laugher. It seems to come naturally to her. With ease, she can laugh at just about anything, cracking a smile is second nature. There is nothing more fun than hearing her giggle.

3. She uses the word Darling. It's kinda retro, and sadly under used, but it seems so sweet and delicate. that's how I see my mom. Sweet and delicate.

4. She loves cotton candy.  

5. She is a fantastic, tremendous cook. There isn't a food item out there she hasn't mastered. The only difference between her and Martha Stewart, Martha has helpers (and a prison record). My mom could put her to shame.

6. She is really talented. Several years ago, after her and my dad retired, she took up painting. It kills me how gifted she is and surprisingly how shy she is about showcasing her talents.

7.  She is very thoughtful. So often my mother thinks of others, especially noted on Valentines day when she bakes dozen and dozens of cookies in the shape of hearts, frosts them, packages them in big containers and mails them to family members. We're always grateful for this welcomed "surprise." And they're so delicious.

8. She's a girls girl. It's fun to shop with my mom because, like me, she  loves a good bargain and appreciates the art of the deal. This means it takes time to look at every item and go through racks of clothing. Some folks don't have the patience or time for this. Me and my mom luv it.

9. She's a foodie. It might go hand and hand with being a fantastic tremendous cook but my mom has an adventurous palate. Where meat and potatoes have been staples in my family for generations my mom is game for anything (literally- she will eat game) She's been known to pull out her copy of a famous chef's cook book while dining at their restaurant and politely ask for them to autograph. (She hasn't gotten a No yet!).

10. She enjoys a stiff drink. Southern Comfort Manhattan's and Old Fashioned are two of my mothers signature drinks. She's very soft spoken, so it's cute to hear her order them, and with such specificity. I think it throws bartenders off guard, when usually these cocktails are ordered by some husky, burly type who's about to tell the story of "When I was a boy..." My mother was hip and cool long  before MadMen made whiskey drinking sexy again.

Happy Birthday Mom!