May 19, 2013

Craft Your Happiness: Finding Passion After Losing Your Job

I'm losing my job. Not sure if the world at large cares about this news, but it's disturbing to me and the other folks I work with. Our office is shutting down and redistributing the work to our counter-parts in California and Texas.  California and Texas are great but I'm not interested in moving.

The initial shock still lingers but I have a  few months left and a little bit of severance-pay to figure things out.
What better time than the present to pursue my passions (once I identify what they are).

Today I'm motivated to get started, tomorrow I might be heaped in a ball unable to get out of bed, which has been the case for the last week. 

First thing. I've always wanted to be really, really healthy and be in really great shape. Seems  Kimberly Snyder  is the current trend setter in this area. Or at least in the celeb world and what better reliable cluster of people to get this informtaion? ha.

Her current book The Beauty Detox Foods is hard core and intimidating. But, wasn't it my very own Friday Groove post that claimed, "In order to get what you've always wanted, you have to do something you've never done".  I'm officially putting my money where my mouth is, or blog-post, that is.

Today I'll put together a menu for the week and get started, once I get out of my pajamas.
Apparently her Green Smoothie is the big deal.