May 21, 2013

Craft Your Happiness: Find Balance

The other day I was ready to tackle the world of Superfoods. Most likely a response to what's happening in my world of work (losing my job).

After reading most of the Beauty Detox Foods, by Kimberly Snyder and spending about $100 at the health food store I've decided to quit.

Why? Because I couldn't find an acceptable recipe for cookies. I bought many of the suitable substitutes; stevia and  Ener-G Egg replacer. But couldn't bring myself to buy xanthum gum (what?) or arrowroot starch. I also couldn't find a replacement for flour, which apparently is second place to poison in regards to what it does to the body.

Cookies and potato chips aren't what I call weaknesses. They're foods I use for strength. I'm not talking about eating a whole bag of Lays or giant Costco size box of cookies, that's a disorder. This isn't about food addiction or illness.

It's about enjoying chips and dip with a glass of wine with friends before dinner. Or having a couple of frozen thin mints from the freezer when we get home. These are things in my life because they bring joy, not because they bring guilt or high cholesterol.

Eating healthy has always been my goal and I'm sticking to it.

However, since I own the book I might as well stick with some of the recommendations.  I'm hanging onto the  green smoothie recipe, reducing caffeine, dairy and soda intake adding Bee-Pollen and eliminating soy products (by-by tofu- nice knowin' ya!)

That seems like a good balance. What keeps you balanced?