May 7, 2013

Craft Your Cozy Cottage: Hanging Flower Baskets

The side of our cottage is bare and white. In fact, the entire outside is bare and white. Its been this way ever since we moved in, and been on my mind ever since we moved in.

My first instinct was to make quick changes, 'cause I like to get shit done.  It's soo much easier to walk into Home Depot and purchase whatever they have in stock. Instantly gratifying but a few weeks later it's usually buyers remorse.

This time I pumped the breaks (my new favorite phrase, btw) did some research and found exactly what will work best.

Hanging flower baskets. Apartment Therapy had a bunch flower ideas.

Testing the waters, we started with three hanging baskets.

We're not really green thumb people (see below, our Arborvitae from last year, bit the dust) so I'm gun-shy about adding too many plants requiring a lot of  TLC.

Right now, I'm really loving how this looks and hope to add more hanging plants after passing the "no-kill" test. Are plastic plants tacky? just wondering.