April 4, 2013

Craft Your Happiness: Making time for a weekend get-a-way!

Escaping to warm weather is on the agenda for this weekend. We're going to visit my parents, which I'm really excited about. Only seeing them a handful of times a year, it's  important one of those times is during the winter months at their place in Florida.

The weekend will be laid back and leisurely but there are a few items on our agenda:
1. Beach:
If the weather permits, we plan on spending our day lounging in the sand, soaking in the sun.

2. Drinks: 
We decided our drink of the weekend is one inspired from The Scorpion bar at Foxwoods Casino called

El Diablo Margarita:


3. Feast:
Despite being a vegetarian, I love the feel an ambiance of a good Steak House so we're taking a road trip into Orlando to have ourselves a little Morton's.

4. March Madness:
What would a weekend be without sports? College basketball is in full swing and since our favorite college team, Syracuse, is in the final four, we wouldn't want to miss it.

And of course some quality time with some quality people!