April 27, 2013

Craft Your DIY Craft: Sling-Back Chair Makeover

Sling back chairs. Comfortable, loungy chairs at their finest. As we slowly fill our deck with summer items, this particular staple is one I harvested from the garbage.

Our neighbor purged  her cottage and this piece (along with a comforter and flower pots) ended up finding a home at our place.

Evidenced by its faded canvas this chair has seen better days. With a little sanding, staining and sewing she's better then ever and ready for 2013.

Here's how it was done.
1. Sand Paper- sand off any remnants of other stain.
2. Stain- Mini Wax Dark Walnut
3. Fabric- purchased at Fabric.com
4. Staple gun

Initially the plan was to revive the faded canvas using dye or fabric paint. Those ideas seemed ok, but probably wouldn't give me the best results, which was a brand new looking chair. Finding replacement covers proved futile, therefor I decided to make my own.

I removed the two pieces of canvas, using those as my pattern. With a little careful sewing I replicated the cover then stapled the other "under" piece of fabric to the chair.

All in all a relatively easy project.