February 28, 2013

Craft Your Style: Turn Fashion Dreams into Reality-Boat Shoes

For this edition of, Turn fashion dreams into reality, I bring you boat shoes.  Even if you don't own a boat, these are cool.

As a teen who grew up in the 80's, top-siders were a staple in the preppy handbook followers wardrobe.  They were comfortable shoes, worn with pretty much everything, even if they shouldn't be (dinner at a high-end restaurant? no.)

Alas, everything old is new again is true. Top-siders have been dusted off and given a face-lift thanks to Sperry.

Their price for a silver sequin version fetches $75.  Not a terrible price for a casual, comfortable pair of shoes, but given the trendiness and short shelf-life for this particular style, I wanted to spend less.

JC Penny, or "JCP" as they are marketed now, offers a similar look for, $25. Keep in mind, with JCP, they probably will go on sale at some point too.

Dream: Sperry
Reality: JCP