February 1, 2013

Craft Your Happiness: It's Friday. Gotta Cut Loose

It's been quite a week and I am super happy it's Friday. Got some fun plans in store for the weekend. Tonight dinner with my honey at our favorite sushi place. Tomorrow, heading to my super great friends Lynn and Stu for a little Tom-foolery which will include substantial drinking and some of the most awesome home cooked food we ever have.

I'm going to contribute by making the book ends to the meal which are appetizers and desserts. I found some awesome recipes  I'm dying to try. If I get to it tonight, I'll bake some sort of cookie (yogurt-blueberry?) and some sort of dip (Cheesy hot bean dip? Hot and spicy buffalo shrimp dip?)

Either way I'll be sure to blog about it when all said and done. I know. It's a real cliff-hanger.

In the meantime. It's Friday... Gotta cut loose and I don't mean the 2011 kind. 1984 for this girl.