February 8, 2013

Craft Your Friday Groove

As a novice blogger, I'm always looking for  ways to improve content of Craft Your Craft. Major blogs always have an opinion about how this is done. Craft Your Craft offers similar posts as other blogs; recipes, exercise tips, DIY Crafts, life musings. Over the course of time, this will change. Craft Your Craft will find it's own voice and end up being a real unique go-to blog. (Nothing like the Power of Enthusiasm)

In the meantime,  ALT Design Summit suggests writing monthly/weekly theme posts. On Fridays I've enjoyed posting simple, fun pictures or quotes which usually bring attention to the obvious. It's Friday and I'm happy because of it.   Ending the work week feeling good seems important. 

While I enjoy the "I love Friday" theme, I'm adding a conscious element of powerful words to kick start the weekend.

Today's installment of Craft Your Friday Groove is brought to you by Joseph Murphy   author of  Power of your Subconscious  

You are your thoughts. Make them good ones.