February 5, 2013

Craft Your DIY Craft: Single serve wine

This summer  we're celebrating (full) season number two at our cottage. Last year, it was decided food and beverages could be consumed at the pool, in designated areas. Of course-no glass allowed. This can be annoying if you want to bring a bottle of wine. Rather than forgo that pleasure we simply poured wine into a plastic pitcher. No big deal.

However,  NotCot.com wrote about this very cool product called "stacked wines." They are based in California but can also be purchased online. (I've never purchased alcohol online before- not sure how easy it is) Each purchase includes-4 pre-packaged, individual sized plastic "glasses" of wine.  If the wine tastes half-way decent, this idea is genius.

Which led me to think, "Could this be a DIY Craft?" The simple, no brainer idea is just using  a small plastic cup with a lid. Done.

But the idea of having a tear away lid. Perhaps a plastic cup that has a little bit of a lip to secure some heavy duty tin foil. Or is this just a mess waiting to happen?

Either way, these are an alcoholics dream- at 6 ounces they'll fit nicely in my summer bag.