January 28, 2013

Craft Your Home: TV you don't want to miss

This past weekend was spent in a TV coma.  With the advancement of technology in our home (ie: Roku and Ipad) we have access to more television than need be. The strange thing was still not finding things we wanted to watch!

However, friends of ours have turned us on to Downton Abbey. We are three seasons behind, but not too late to dedicate a whole weekend catching up (hence tv coma).

One thing is clear, I've spent way too much time watching reality television. I was expecting, at every turn, these characters of this show to be mean-spirited, ill-mannered, and out and out nasty. It isn't. This is what makes it such a great show. You actually LIKE these characters. Even the ones who have a little mean streak (Thomas and Ms. O'Brien, for those who watch) have a side that makes them human.

There's an online quiz to determine which job at Downton Abbey you're most suited for.
My result: Isobel Crowley.

It hasn't been in my blogging repertoire to write reviews about TV, probably because I'm embarrassed by the trash I tend to like, but this show is a keeper and one I recommend.

If you haven't seen any episodes and happen to be a member of Amazon Prime you can stream seasons one and two. Happy Coma.