January 22, 2013

Craft Your Better Self: Plan for the Future

I stole this from Joy Ever After and liked it so much I had to re-post it.

Learning something new this year is turning into a big deal for me. With the purchase of the Roku and my mini-IPad I'm learning fun things everyday.

One thing I recently learned is the value of planning for the future. This past Saturday Mark and I were enjoying a visit with his aunt and uncle in Santa Monica. They recently retired and as a gift to themselves they purchased a hot tub. It was glorious. Sun, hot tub and vodka-lemonade drinks.  (They also purchased an espresso machine, which was equally as glorious)

Turns out Marty and Norma (Mark's aunt and uncle) worked at their respective jobs for a good 30 years. This allowed them to retire at young ages. Now they're enjoying the second half of their life on their own terms!

I've not made the same kind of commitment to work. The longest I've stayed at one job is about 4 years.  In fact, until I met Mark, my longest relationship was less than 2 years.  I'm not afraid of commitment, that's not the lesson I learned.

What I learned is to start planning for retirement. So, today I increased my contribution to my 401K plan by 50%. I'll  wait for my next paycheck to see how that "feels" and keep increasing until the financial belt is just tight enough.

Unless of course I win the lottery. Then I'll retire effective immediately!