January 6, 2013

Craft Your Better Self: Keeping it Simple

Haven't kept a commitment to much of anything lately. Once I decided to sharpen my writing skills I made it my mission to by a new journal. Yesterday I looked for one but didn't find anything I liked. So writing didn't happen. I'd like to know what my procrastination is all about? 

Today I granted myself a pass. I was bedridden with a horrible stomach bug. I couldn't keep anything down, and my muscles ached like I'd just ran a marathon. It was just in the last few hours I started to feel better.

I've decided to relax on my commitments on big changes this year. I was gung-ho after reading Happiness Project, but it started to stress me out, which is exactly the opposite of its goal.

So today the simple step is just feeling better. This week I'm going to take it easy this week as next week I have a work trip to California. I'll keep it simple and focus on what I need to do to make that trip a success.

I'm down sizing my projects and goals in order to feel less overwhelmed and more accomplished.