December 18, 2012

Craft Your Better Self: Small Successes lead to Big Successes

One of my weaknesses is a limited ability to understand technology.  You won't ever find me lining up at an Apple store to get the latest doo-hickey version 5.0. I have an old laptop which lacks bells and whistles. My cell phone, which is only a couple years old, is an outdated blackberry. 

I own books, not a kindle. I have a laptop, not an Ipad.  I have an Ipod, but accidentally deleted my entire ITunes collection, so my IPod hasn't been updated in a really really long time. 

This information clearly reveals my age but inspires me to learn something new. I'd like to take pictures with  Instagram. (PS you have to have an IPhone) I'd like to be part of downloading Apps. I'd like to be able to stream videos. 

So, I decided it was time to teach this old dog new tricks. I came across Amazon Prime Instant Videos. Since I already have Amazon Prime (I may not be an expert on advanced technology, but I AM an expert on knowing a good deal when I see one- Amazon Prime!) it means I could watch videos, for free, on my computer. If I had a streaming player I could watch them on my tv.  (I had to Google streaming player)

Enter ROKU.  Roku HD streams over 600 channels to any TV, easily and wirelessly.

The word easy is what made me think, "Yup, I'm doing it". So, I bought a ROKU.  When it arrived I was afraid to take it out of the box. I didn't feel ready for this project. Several days later, after taking out of the box, just to look, I realized it needed a certain cable which I wasn't sure I had so I put it back in the box to think about another day.

Last Saturday Mark's family came over for a party.  Marks brother was going to help connect the ROKU.   I was thrilled. When he left, not only was the ROKU not set up, my wireless internet was disconnected. No one knew how to fix it. I was hoping for less problems not more. Honestly, I was only mad at myself. This was a project I was supposed to tackle. Now instead of learning a new trick, I was just an old dog.

Yesterday, after getting feedback from a young, techie kid at work, I rushed home, hell bent on getting everything to work.

I was able to restore the wireless internet, (thank you co-worker) and connect the ROKU (P.S. If you're ever in this situation, Security key is the SAME thing as network password. Knowing this would have important). 

It took me three hours, but what a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and competence. Being able to figure shit out on your own is worth more than all the hours of therapy combined. I don't enjoy relying on other people. It's an incredible feeling of helplessness. No greater source of instant happiness than overcoming a problem on your own.

It's important, however,  to know your limitations. Avoid setting yourself up for failure and exacerbating bad feelings. I'm done trying to learn how to speak Spanish fluently or becoming a gourmet cook.  Tackling  concrete, time limited problem is where it's at.  Peace Out.