December 7, 2012

Craft Your Holiday: Fun Holiday Gifts

Do you remember Spencer gifts? As a teen growing up in the suburbs, I spent a lot  A LOT of time with my best bud Kathy, at the mall. Shocker.

Spencer gifts was our favorite second only to any music store where we'd paw through the latest albums. Yup. I'm that old.

Today's modern version of Spencer gifts, in my opinion, is Urban Outfitters. No surprise it's a favorite of mine. It's a legit store with cool clothes, but has the element of useless gifts which I find extremely appealing.

Here are a few things I think are cool, funny, random and probably will not purchase.

Holiday Fun Stuff

Necklace Craft-A-Day By Sarah Goldschadt 3 Nike Air Vortex Vintage Sneaker 4 The End Bookend 5 Coffee Makes Me Mug 6 Rhino Bookend - Set Of 2   7 Dylan Kendall 8 UNZIPPED GLASS ZIPPER BAG

P.S. Has anyone seen the book, Awkward Family Photos? One of THE, laugh-out-loud, funniest books I've seen. If I weren't so cheap, I'd buy it.