December 5, 2012

Craft Your Inner Chef: DIY Skinny Vanilla Latte

Because of all the wonderful holiday flavors, spices and syrups I've become a little addicted to coffee. Starbucks is my enabler. Pumpkin Spiced, Gingerbread and Caramel Brute Lattes,  Peppermint Mocha espresso. Seriously . They're all so yummy (and truth be told I'm not really much of a coffee person)

Like all good things, there are con's. Most notably high calorie content coupled with high price. A small  vanilla latte is almost $5. I was overextending my budget. Big time.

Taking matters into my own hand and using my DIY know-how, I now make my own.

Utilizing a little AA lingo, I keep it simple. No pumpkin spice or cookie flavors.  I went to Starbucks and purchased their vanilla sugar free syrup. $9.95 for a giant bottle. It's possible to find a generic brand at a better price, but I wanted as close to the real deal as possible. $10 is not such a splurge considering I was spending $35 a week.

I use any kind of coffee, brewed as instructed. Heat 1/2 cup skim milk in the microwave and throw in the blender on Whip setting. This makes the milk super frothy. Pour right into the coffee then add two tablespoons of syrup.  It's awesome.

What's your knock-off, holiday bargain?