December 1, 2012

Craft Your Holiday: Tree Decorating

Thursday night we set out to find the perfect Christmas tree. Mark was cheerleading our efforts by framing it as having an adventure versus what it turned out to be. A long drive in the cold. The place was about an hour away. We had high expectations. Since our apartment isn't very big we needed a tree small enough to fit yet big enough to have loads of ornaments hung on it.

When we got there, the tree place was closed. Remember the movie Vacation with Chevy Chase? Where they get to Wally World and it was closed and Clark goes a bit bonkers? Well, this was nothing like that.

The teenager behind the counter said they were closed and that was that.  So,we found a cute little pub with a fireplace and hid our disappointment with wine and french fries!

Mark dropped me off at home and went to park the car. When he returned he had the perfect tree in hand. (In case you didn't know this about NYC, they sell Christmas trees on every corner.)
Suddenly the tree leans!

I'm not sure our tree could handle any more ornaments, but here are a few I'm really digging!

Stay tuned for some DIY ornaments I'm in the middle of crafting.