December 3, 2012

Craft Your Inner Chef: Bourbon Infused Cranberries

Our holiday party is in  twelve days. We've decided to forgo dinner in lieu of lots of appetizers. Isn't cocktail hour the best part of any party? Why not extend the best part and make it all night?

Small portions of food somehow grants permission to eat and eat and eat without feeling guilt or shame. I love that. 

I recently came across this recipe (No. It's not from Pinterest.) from A Subtle Reverly. Warning. This site is awesome. I have a complete obsession with online magazines and this one is great. (Originally the post came from Heart and Holiday this site makes me want to go to a wedding.)

Soak cranberries in bourbon in the morning or a few days. Roll them in sugar. It also suggests you can add a little brown sugar or cardamom, or orange zest or cloves to the bourbon before soaking.

I think I might try this.