November 30, 2012

Craft Your Better Self: I Heart Friday

My Friday started at the eye doctors office where I'm being treated for chronic eye dry. It's sounds so silly and benign but I have 4 different eye drops to put in at any given moment. It's so complicated I had to make a chart that I carry around with me at all times. (OCD? maybe.) I also have an ointment to apply just before bedtime. I walked out of the office with another script for a couple other things and a recommendation to buy some eye thingy to wear at night. She asked if I sleep with my eyes open. How would I know this?

So, without becoming a total bore about my eye condition, I'm happy to report my day didn't get worse. In fact it's a great day because it's Friday. Our weekend is going to be super busy, which I'm both happy and bummed about. There are lots of unfinished crafts on my plate that I'm excited to complete but have only  been able to work on in bits and pieces. I hate when that happens.

One thing on my calendar is joining my book club on Sunday, at Fred's on Madison (in Barney's). I didn't get a chance to read the book (I'm lame), so I'm tagging along for the conversation, great food and people watching!

What's happening in your world?