November 24, 2012

Craft Your Holiday:Vintage Party Invitations

The art of crafting anything handmade is to plan ahead. Gifts for my co-workers are already in the making, now it's time to plan our holiday party!

First step: send invitations. It's not eco-friendly to send mail the old-fashioned way (paper, stamp, post office, etc) but it's not so terrible since I'm only mailing a few, right?

I found a wonderful, vintage photo on Pinterest, it's original source is My vintage mending. I hadn't planned on a theme but since finding this photo and knowing what dress I'm going to wear it's turning into a an old fashioned holiday!
I added the details of the invitation simply by using the Paint edit program.

After printing out the invitations on standard white stock paper,  I lined the inside of a kraft paper envelope. I also added a label which I wrapped around the outside of the envelope. Both of these goodies I  found at Ellinee Journal.