November 1, 2012

Craft Your DIY Crafts: Monogrammed Ornaments

Today I'm starting to plan for the holiday. Not Thanksgiving holiday plans, which would be normal. I'm getting ready for Christmas. I thought I was getting a head start, until I spoke to a co-worker who trumped me by confirming she's "just about done" with her Christmas shopping. HMPF!

As a lover of DIY projects,  I'm continuing a tradition I've kept for many years. Making gifts for my co-workers.  Last year I decorated a simple glass votive candle holder with  burlap trim, added a hand-stamped gift tag and gave one to each of my peers. For the supervisors, I purchased a bottle of wine and made personalized linen wine bags.

gifts for the bosses
gifts for co-workers
I take great joy in giving to others. However, the key is proper planning and being organized otherwise it will end up being overwhelming and feel like just another chore, rather than something fun. 

This year I found a wonderful, affordable DIY project from Dana MADE IT.  Monogrammed ornaments made from a little Felt, a little stuffing and some simple sewing. EASY! 

The how-to steps look pretty simple. I imagine the only drawback is it'll be time consuming. Which is why I'm starting now.  For those who don't celebrate Christmas, I'll figure out something else.

There are 53 days until Christmas and I'm excited about every one of them!