November 4, 2012

Craft Your Adventure: Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey. I was inspired today by a blog post found on Design Sponge. It was then decided, after consulting with my honey, Istanbul Turkey will be our next big travel destination. Or at least on the radar for sometime next year.

It seems odd to be thinking about an adventure when I'm embarking on one next Sunday when I travel to Haiti to do volunteer work. With that said, it also seems odd to be going to another country to do volunteer work when right in my own backyard there are volunteers needed due to Hurricane Sandy.

Either way, my goal is to help. We did donate blankets and money to help those who live in the Breezy Point area. Close friends homes were burned to the ground- still can't wrap my head around all of this.

We've never been to Turkey and are up for an adventure. Our last one, Morocco, we opted to go as part of a travel group. There were times it was absolutely necessary to have a guide but for the most part we would've been better off with a guide book and finding our own way.

There's something wonderful about finding a little cafe by chance or going to a restaurant you wouldn't find otherwise unless suggested by a local.