November 27, 2012

Craft Your Holiday: Cookie Exchange Party

Today it was confirmed. My office is going to participate in a Cookie Exchange Party. Guess whose idea it was?

If it's not obvious, I'm really, really into the holidays. But I prefer if everyone else is too, so I presented the cookie exchange idea (Thank you fellow blogger at Ellinee Journal.) to my co-workers and people are into it.

The concept is simple. Those who want to participate bring in two dozen cookies  (home baked or store bought- your choice). When it’s time for the cookie exchange, everyone will gather around the cookie table. Everyone will get a cookie bag or container and take 6 – 12 cookies. Rotate around the table until all of the cookies are gone! People will have a nice little gift to go home with. 

Mark and I were having dinner with our friends Diane and Pete this past Saturday, Diane shared a cookie recipe I'm dying to try. We were laughing at how simple the recipe is.

1 box spice cake
1 can pumpkin
Sprinkle in heath bar crumble/crunch mixture
Dole small cookie size amounts onto a baking pan and bake.
THAT'S IT! Eggs? no. Oil? no. Water? no. It's that simple, she said. It's possible I won't screw this one up!

Here are some other cookies recipes I'm dying to try. Who knows maybe I'll make more than one kind!

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