October 27, 2012

Craft your Happiness: 31 Days of Happiness Day 27

Today I finally got around to using a gift card for a makeup application at Dex Studios. My honey had bought this for me for Valentine's Day, this year. It took 8 months to get around to using it.  I arrived on time for my appointment and ended up waiting 45 minutes. Lots of people coming in to have Halloween makeup done. It never occurred me to do that. Next year.

I opted or a natural look because tonight we have dinner plans with friends (again) and  didn't want to look like I was going to a rave.The makeup artist was very thorough and kind, telling me exactly how she was applying the makeup, in case I wanted to recreate the look on my own. I don't.

Although I do like the "natural look" I actually prefer getting the natural look by being, well, natural. Which means very little makeup, not makeup to make it look like you're not wearing makeup.

No foundation-totally ages a person and details EVERY wrinkle. No eye shadow- also emphasizes wrinkles. Minimal eyebrows- I love Audrey Hepburn, but not for work.

I didn't end up buying anything, which I imagine is the reason they want me sitting in the chair. I already own a ton of makeup. I really do love it, but I like particular things. Great mascara to get big full lashes. Dab of concealer to get rid of the dark circles, light dust of powder to give color and lip liner, which lasts longer than lipstick. Done, that's it. It's important not to hid everything on your face but to bring out the best of it.
Here's my before and after photos.(why am I squinting?)

Day 27: I'm happy how I look without makeup