October 26, 2012

Craft Your Happiness: 31 Days of Happiness Day 26

Another obvious announcement: It's Friday. Like every other Friday I've ever blogged about, this too, is a good one. Fridays are like pets, there's nothing bad about them!

Friday is the day of the week to look back, reflect on whether the to-do list got smaller and things got accomplished. Honestly, I have no idea if  I accomplished anything. I felt tremendously disorganized with only random moments of clarity and focus.  BUT, I made time for things very important to my mental state. EXERCISE!

I got back into a routine, even took a new class. TRX mixed with kettle-ball, which reminds me of the funniest SNL skit ever (totally unrelated to exercise) it's just, kettle-ball somehow reminded me of cowbell. See how unfocused I am?

So anyway, TRX was good, not great. A workout has to make me really sore otherwise it doesn't feel like a great workout. When I exercise on my own, I never feel like a 90 year old woman the next day (which is the feel I'm going for. Not the look- just to be clear).

Tonight after work, I'm rushing over to an abs, butt and thighs class. My favorite class. EVER. Days later I have trouble squatting and feel like I've been punched in the belly. I pay money for a gym membership and am only satisfied if I feel crippled.

Anyway, back to Friday. Working out allows the other half of my evening to be guilt free. In the forecast is not only Hurricane Sandy but lots of food and drinking debauchery.

I exaggerate. Tonight it's a relaxing dinner and drinks with my honey and friends at one of our favorite restaurants.

Day 26: Fridays make me happy