October 23, 2012

Craft Your Happiness: 31 Days of Happiness Day 23

Lance Armstrong. Really? It's not enough to juice for one bike ride and win first place but to be greedy and win all sorts of awards, endorsements and the hearts of millions of people.

I've been thinking about the concept of cheating for a long time and am happy I've organized my thoughts enough to jot it all down in a new blog post.

Lance Armstrong was recently stripped of his Tour De France titles, all seven of them. He was also banned from future bike rides and dropped by a ton of his sponsors. All uncontested by Lance.

It's a sad reality we've come to know so well. Greed. Sorry Gordon, It's not good. I believe people will cheat if the cost-benefit ratio is worth it. Is there anything that would deter someone from snatching the dangling carrot?

Lance Armstrong was the toast of the town; setting unprecedented records in his sport, making a ton of cash, getting dozens of sponsorships, dating pretty girls, winning hearts of millions. He was even telling people how to live and BE BETTER, Livestrong anyone?

If someone told you right now, you could have all that you desired if you cheated, but many many years later it would be taken away, would you do it?  If all your dreams could come true; live the life of you've always wanted, travel the world, meet who's who, do cool things, be the most popular person around. Would you cheat to have all of that knowing that you will be found out and it WILL be taken from you?

People do it all the time. Bernie Madoff, the crew from  Enron, the fellows at Tyco just to name a few headliners.

Bernie went to jail and from what I've read isn't having such a horrible time. Some guys committed suicide,  only after having lived life in the lap of luxury. No one, to my knowledge, was committing suicide at the height of their "success".

People who live a lifestyle from the accomplishments of cheating, must know they will eventually be caught. The benefits of this wild life clearly outweigh any consequence even if the consequences are death or prison.

I'm not a saint. I've cheated. Especially in high school. Spanish was the worst for me. I desperately wanted to speak the language. More importantly, prove I knew the language. I'd write the answers on my hand and pass each test. But I didn't learn Spanish. What's sad, had I learned to speak the language, my career could have taken off in ways I only imagine.

Lance Armstrong and other juice heads are not tremendous athletes. Bernie Madoff and other financial crooks are not Wall Street Wizards.  We'll never know how much they would've achieved had they worked hard or practiced like the rest of their competition. It's probable they would have amounted to mediocre, which it seems they knew hence the need to cheat.  In reality they amounted to nothing.

Day 23: I'm happy I'm better than Lance Armstrong