October 17, 2012

Craft Your Happiness: 31 Days of Happiness Day 17

Thinking too much will paralyze movement. This is a great piece of advice. I've always known it was true and have experienced it in many aspects of my day, especially when I'm not feeling  great about myself.

Sometimes I'd stand in an aisle of a grocery store overwhelmed by food choices;  fat-free, reduced-calorie, low-sodium, organic, gluten-free, high-fiber. So much to think about, I couldn't make a decision, the best decision.

I'd spend endless amounts of time weighing all the options, going back and forth, mulling pro's- con's, all possible outcomes and in the end leave empty handed and hungry.

I didn't feel I knew the best choice so I made none at all, which seemed better than making the wrong one.

Creating this blog had been much the same:
  • Which hosting site should I chose?; blogger, blog her, wordpress, type pad, self-hosted
  • What should my site look like?; font, color, template vs. custom
  • What should I blog about?; social work, self-help, DIY projects
  • How often should I post?: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly
and so on. Unable to make a decision allowed me to stay in the "thinking stage", which is equivalent to the friend zone in the dating realm. It's terribly unsatisfying. But, it's a safe place to be. If there isn't a blog, there isn't failure, there isn't criticism and the dream remains in tact.

Clearly, I bit the bullet and got down to it (It only took me a year or so). By jumping in and taking action I was relieved to find how rewarding it feels and how quiet it really ended up being.

 Over-thinking allows one to dramatize and exaggerate all possibilities. One of which was; "What if I start blogging and get all sorts of  followers and an overabundance of negative comments? I'm not ready for that!" 

The first time I hit publish, there was nothing. No bells and whistles. No alarms. I don't even think my mouse clicked very loudly.

Truth is: I have three followers, a couple of comments and all were words of encouragement (thanks mom!) 

Most times the barriers to our accomplishments are thoughts in our own head. It's easy to talk ourselves out of doing something. But it's sooo much better talking ourselves INTO something.

Day 17: Clearing my thoughts makes me happy!