October 14, 2012

Craft Your Happiness: 31 Days of Happiness Day 14

When was the last time you sent or received a letter in the mail?

With email, texting, Skype, and everything else technological the art of crafting a written letter seems to have lost its charm. Even receiving mail, in the mailbox is something that's becoming more and more obsolete.

My nephew started a new school this year, located in Mississippi. The school doesn't teach using computers (imagine that!) therefore students will be reading actual books and doing their school work by hand or "manually". This is a good thing if you've ever seen a 15 year olds handwriting. They could use the practice.

Today I've written my first letter and am sending it off in the mail, enclosed with a little poem. I had to borrow a stamp because I can't remember the last time I needed one and didn't have any on hand.

I made my own envelope, because there are so many wonderful, creative bloggers who have free DIY tutorials and I can't resist a handmade product,  I also didn't have any on hand.

When I was away at college getting a letter in the mail was the greatest gift in the world. As a kid my best friend moved to Mexico for a short time.  While she was there I wrote her letters filling her in on all that was going on. Many years later she shared how much those letters meant to her. That touched me.

It feels good being able to do something nice for someone. I'm excited to now have the opportunity to do it more often.

Day 14: Writing makes me happy