October 13, 2012

Craft Your Happiness: 31 Days of Happiness Day 13

Photo credit: Alexander Baxevanis (Creative Commons)

Since writing this blog,  I've found myself much more interested in reading other peoples stuff, especially those who write about how they got started in whatever it is they are doing. 

I’m looking for clues, little crumbs confirming I’m on the right path because it's hard to know when I only see the end results of peoples hard work and not always how they achieved it..

Finding support and camaraderie is so important, especially in the "formative years" of any endeavor. It can be the difference between quitting and  plowing forward. Even the best athletes have coaches (not to mention cheerleaders).

Before enrolling in Decor8 bootcamp class it was no surprise I'd been feeling like I'll never get there. "There" being success or some level of confidence.  It seemed like EVERY blogger out there has thousands of followers (I have 3), oodles of comments (my mom commented on my first post) and a tremendous eye for design (I'm hodge-podge). Many have book deals as a result of their blog. 

Their blogs look so nice, so well written, have lots of posts and useful information. Again, I'm hodge-podge.

I'm trying to remind myself that people don't start out as experts or winning medals. Time, practice, and a support network are essentials. I'm so happy to be learning this lesson so early on in this process.

If I keep at it,  in a few years I'll gain more confidence, become a bit more seasoned and hopefully have a few followers who enjoy what they read. Right now, it’s about Keeping On and blogging on!

Day 13: Maintaing a commitment to my blog makes me happy