October 12, 2012

Craft Your Happiness: 31 Days of Happiness Day 12

photo compliments ME & MI
Without trying to look like a large calendar reminder, it's Friday again. This is the easiest, simplest concept to blog about and for me, the most fun. Find ONE person who doesn't enjoy Friday. Never happen.

Saturday is obvious, you don't have to explain to anyone why they would enjoy a full day off from work. But there is a special quality  only attributed to Fridays.

Friday is like taking the first bite of a hot slice of pizza or first sip of water after a long run. It's everything you hoped it would be. There's a different energy with Friday, a giddiness. Waking up in the morning, although still difficult, can be easily comforted with the reminder, "Ahhh, but  it's Friday."

At work, Fridays pace is a little slower, a little more relaxed. Before the young techie's started their billion dollar companies, wearing jeans has been a special treat permitted only on Friday's. Let's not forget sneakers too.

Happy Hour? Can't imagine that concept wasn't made for Fridays. "Hey, want to meet for a drink after work?" Lots of Yup's to that question.  Try making plans with someone, spur of the moment for a Saturday night. Not. Gonna. Happen. People book Saturday nights months in advance But Fridays? Easy!

During the summer it's not unusual  to have special work hours or to close early, in the winter you might notice a few more donut holes in the break-room, compliments of the boss.

Day 12: Fridays make me happy.