October 29, 2012

Craft Your Happiness: 31 Days of Happiness Day 29

I haven't been outside since yesterday. NYC has been on lock down for the past 48 hours and will be continuing on through tomorrow. Work was cancelled today and tomorrow, which is good news for me.

Every television channel has been relaying the same information over and over again. Feels like an endless reel of re-runs.

Days like these, where there is little structure, are difficult for me. I've a to-do list rattling around in my head; homework for my blogging class, creating a photo album, packing for my upcoming trip to Haiti but no urgency to get to any of it.

First step curing cabin fever was to turn off the television and put on some music. That changed the atmosphere of the room, shifted energy a bit. We also indulged in a couple of  tequila and grapefruit cocktails. I worked on a bit of homework with the goal of completing this by noon tomorrow. Tomorrow, it'll be necessary to get out of the apartment, even if it's a windy, sloppy walk around the block.

One of the good things about a major storm, aside from being off from work, is hearing from people who love us checking in to see if we're ok. It's good to be cared about, reaffirming we're not alone.

Day 29: I'm happy we are safe.