October 28, 2012

Craft Your Happiness: 31 Days of Happiness Day 28

Is it wrong to be excited about a storm?

Hurricane Sandy is right around the corner. Last I checked, wind is expected to get up to 60 mph. There are lines, 1/2 block long, to get into some grocery stores.

Even imagining worst case scenario; power outage, heavy rain, super wind, I still can't figure out what I'd need from the grocery store that I don't already have.

Even so, I went shopping because everyone else was. I didn't wait in line to get in because I went to a crappy grocery store with floors that smelled like dirty mop water. I'm sure you know the kind.

While in the store, I overheard someone saying they should buy batteries. Ah! Good idea. Then I remembered we don't have flash lights. We do have candles, so that will suffice. People loaded up on bottled water. I hate water, so I grabbed two flavored seltzers.  Most likely this will end up being a vodka mixer.

I purchased potato chips, brownie mix and vanilla pudding. Not sure what kind of emergency I was planning for. But I was disturbed by the possibility of not having snack items on hand if the stores had to close.

Much to my delight, when I arrived home, I had a text from my boss informing me our office is closed tomorrow. Awesome.

So, my survival skills for tonight are; slip into comfy clothes, watch a scary movie, have a tasty cocktail or two and snuggle with my honey and two sweet kitties.

It's during these times, I'm grateful and happy for many things and really hope everyone takes precautions, whether getting an extra bag of chips or getting out of Dodge, to keep themselves safe.

Day 28: Being prepared makes me happy