September 8, 2012

Craft Your Inner Chef: Elements of a Luau

Part of being a member of our cottage community is being on a committee.  I wasn't planning on being on any committee.

My weekends were were going to be summer-breezy; free from meetings, planning, organizing and anything team related.

My fun planning was going to be limited to BBQ'ing and margarita's.

(Mark received a phenomenal concoction mixer as a birthday gift from our friends Arch & Barbara- it's out of this world.)

As the newest member of the social committee, I suggested a Luau themed party. They liked the idea  and immediately put me in charge of team and responsible for meetings, planning and organizing this party.

One thing I learned is to take pictures of everything. We had such adorable decorations and festive ideas that I didn't capture because I was engrossed in catering to our guests. Next time I need to stop and take time to smell the magnolias.

Here's a few photos I did manage to  get: