June 19, 2012

Craft Your Holiday: Sisters Day

There's an official Mother's day (May 13th) and an official Father's day (June 17th). Why isn't there an official siblings day or in my case an official sister's day? 

My sister is a major player in my life. I'd love an official day recognizing that, a day forcing me to buy her a card and a gift (and the reverse would be true, she'd have to do the same for me, even if she would send it three weeks late.)

My sister  is 3 1/2 years older. Folk lore has it, she loved me the minute I was born and doted on me like a dog with puppies. The word my mom and grandmother used was fussed. 

Her affection for me set the tone for our deep, loving, non-sibling-rivalry relationship. 
Just a few things to say nice things about her.
Super athletic: Voted Best Female Athlete her senior year of high school. She set records in track in the early 80's that remained until two years ago. A few years back she encouraged me to join her in a marathon in Hawaii. A decision both our knees regret.
Super pretty: Locally, she did lots of modeling. If she had more chutzpah she could have had a career in NYC, in my opinion. This particular chapter might not be over.
Smart and accomplished: Working like a hound-dog, she carved a very successful career as a Nurse Practitioner. Find her at a cocktail party, she'll be more than happy to listen to what ails you and offer treatment recommendations. I'm trying to encourage her to expand her training to plastic surgery so I can get some freebies.

Like the rest of us, she's had her share of negative experiences, but she manages to deal with all that comes her way. 

I'm grateful everyday for the relationship we've had all these years. Despite our physical distance we gab on the phone, and visit as often as we can. I'm lucky to have this relationship because I know not everyone does.  So today,  I dedicate to  Sister's Day.
she's the pretty one on  the left.